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Greenbyre* is the home web site for Tim and Lucy Lynch. We are both retired school teachers, and live on a wooded acre and half mini farm near the town of Covington; which is near the city of Seattle in the state of Wandshington, U.S.A.. Greenbyre is the name we have given to both our farm and our web site.


The stock are gone now and we use much of the space as wild life habitat stations. Greenbyre provided us with a wonderful escape from the day to day stress found in teaching. We have many interests which include reading, quilting, gardening, and traveling.

In addition to this web site, we link to our old school web sites and other places of interest. We invite you to visit these sites and share with us things that have caught our fancy.

*Greenbyre . . . . means green barn - byre comes form the Gaelic (bàthach ) which means cow house).


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Family Links

Family Photo Pages Pictures of our kids and pets

Family Roots Our genealogy page.
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Michael Lynch's Page
In addition to being a music instructor; Mike is a noted

composer of liturgical music and music for film, TV and corporate multimedia productions. View - The Official Website of UKULELE MIKE LYNCH

The Six Lynch's Blog - This includes photos and updates of Chris, Carmen and all the Kids

Facebook Accounts - These relatives and friends all have linked Facebook Accounts. You will need to set up your own account if you wish to view or contact them.

Lucy and Tim - This is our personal Facebook page. It is in Tim's name, but we both us it to link to others.

Dave Walsh

Zack Walsh

Carmen Lynch

Eileen Smethers

Sheena Rose Benavente

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Sarra-Jane Walsh

Maria Ramos - BLOG Link

Charmaine Benavente

Lourdes June Benavente

Holiday Adventures - From Ron and cousin Judy Mark


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The spirit of St Benedict's Rule


Covington, WA

Tim And Lucy

Tim is a retired science teacher who attended St. Martin's College and WSU. He taught at Monroe High School in Fairbanks, Alaska; John F. Kennedy High School in Burien, Washington and finished teaching at Meeker Jr. High School; now Meeker Middle School in the Kent School District, Kent, WA. (Tim's online VITA)


Explore his school web pages:

Lucy is a retired math and special ed. teacher who attended Marylhurst College and the U of W. She also taught at Monroe High School and finished teaching at Issaquah Middle School in the Issaquah School District, Issaquah, Washington.


Lucy has been using GEMS materials for a number of years and facilitates GEMS Workshops. GEMS - Great Explorations in Math and Science from Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley. The GEMS Page is a great support location for the GEMS workshops Lucy and her colleague Neva Luke run.


"I am still learning"

"Called or not called, God will be there."
 "Beware of the cat!"



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